Support King's Academy

Support King's Academy

Unlike many other schools in Jordan and the Middle East, King’s Academy is a not-for-profit school driven by its mission. The founding vision of His Majesty for King’s as a school of peace and transformation is at the heart of our own belief in young people as our greatest resource – and hope – for the future. 

With 50 percent of students receiving need-based financial assistance, King’s Academy’s commitment to educational opportunity is both pioneering and unprecedented. Few schools in the Middle East – indeed few schools in the world – share this commitment. 

Like all schools, we rely on tuition as an important source of income.Student fees, however, do not cover the actual cost of a King’s Academy education. In other words, each student is receiving a substantial subsidy, or a “hidden scholarship”. To make up that difference, we rely on the generosity of parents, friends, corporations and foundations, who believe in our mission and share our commitment to educational excellence and opportunity.

King’s Academy is incorporated as a not-for-profit institution in the United States, the United Kingdom and Jordan, and it is governed by an independent board of trustees who act as stewards of the school’s mission and resources.

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October 4, 2018