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How much should I give?

Every gift counts, no matter the size. Many small gifts make a big difference when combined, strengthening academic programs, supporting new projects and enriching the educational experience. Each donor determines what he or she can afford, whether it is US $1, $100 or many millions of dollars. 

How are donations to King’s Academy used?

Every single dollar of charitable donations to King’s Academy goes toward the purpose designated by the donor, whether to scholarship support, maintaining facilities, or any other area. The school never takes administrative fees or processing costs out of gifts to the school.

Most gifts to King's Academy are used as current support, meaning they are spendable contributions that are factored into the school's operating costs. These gifts provide immediate relief to our budget and are essential to maintaining the daily operations of the school.

What are endowed funds?

Endowed funds can be established with a minimum gift of US $100,000. This creates a fund under the name of the donor (or in honor or memory of a family member or loved one). The income from this fund  – typically 4 percent of the fund’s principal – will go each year toward the fund’s designation. Endowed funds support the school in perpetuity, creating a lasting connection between the donor and King’s Academy.

Most endowed funds are designated to scholarships or faculty positions, although they can be directed to any number of areas of need. Endowed gifts of less than US $100,000 are used to build the principal for the school’s general endowment. 

Why are unrestricted gifts important?

Unrestricted giving is the most vital area of need for any non-profit institution, King’s Academy included. When you specify that your gift is unrestricted, you direct your support to the areas of greatest need at the school. This gives us crucial budget flexibility when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities that arise throughout the school year.

Can I decide how my gift to King’s Academy is used?

Yes, of course you can. To pick a specific area to support, please review our gift designations here.

Can my company donate to King’s Academy?

King’s Academy welcomes gifts from corporations and foundations. If you would like more information about corporate giving, or if you would like to donate through a corporation or foundation, please contact the Advancement Office.

Can my gift be anonymous?

Yes. There is a long tradition of anonymous giving at King’s Academy. If you are using the online form, please be sure to check the box indicating your preference to remain anonymous. Your name will be provided to the Advancement Office, but will never appear in publications and will remain confidential.

Can I establish a scholarship?

Yes. Scholarships can be established through annual spendable contributions covering the cost of a student’s tuition or by founding an endowment fund, the income from which will go to supporting students. Donors who fund named scholarships in this way receive periodic reports on their scholar’s progress and have the opportunity to meet the beneficiary of their generosity. If you would like to make a pledge to establish a named scholarship, please contact the Advancement Office.

How do I make a gift?

King’s Academy accepts gifts through wire transfer, check, credit card or cash. Click on the Donate Now button to find instructions on how to complete a wire transfer, fill out a check or make a contribution through credit card. Cash is accepted in person at the Advancement Office on campus only.  

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, in most cases. Depending on where your gift was made, you can receive a tax deduction in Jordan, the United States and the United Kingdom. You will receive a receipt with the appropriate tax information shortly after making your gift.  

How can alumni get more involved with King’s?

In 2017, King’s launched an Alumni Association with its first Alumni Council leading the activities.  This group is growing every year and is working with the Advancement Office to engage more alumni with the school and with each other.  To learn more about participating, you can contact the Advancement Office at or All King’s alumni are encouraged to get involved and also to keep your contact information up to date with the school, so we can alert you when King’s events are coming to your city or community!

How can parents get involved with King’s?

All parents are invited to join the King’s Academy Parent Council, which is managed by the Advancement Office.  Members engage with King’s in many ways including as volunteers and as donors. The Parent Council holds several general meetings on campus each year, but the various committees of the Parent Council may meet more frequently as needed.

The overall mission of the King’s Parent Council is varied and far-reaching. It aims to build community among parents and to serve the school through activities that support engagement and school spirit. It is also a place for parents to find resources and information about the challenges of parenting middle and upper school aged children.

Parent Council members provide assistance to the admissions process by identifying and introducing potential families to the King’s Office of Admissions. Members are also asked to provide financial support to the school through voluntary donations of any size. In addition, parents can support the work of the Advancement Office by encouraging their fellow parents to make gifts as well as help the Advancement team identify potential new parent donors. 

Is it possible to make a regular – monthly or quarterly – donation to King’s?

Yes, we would welcome recurring donations, but please contact your bank to set that up.

Who can I contact for more information about giving?

The Advancement Office welcomes all feedback and questions.

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November 20, 2018