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Immerse yourself in the language, arts and history of the Arab world through King's Academy's three-week online summer courses.

The King’s Academy Summer Institute is designed to share the rich culture, history and language of Jordan and the larger Middle East with people around the world who are passionate about learning. The program offers online learners an immersive experience in the language, arts and history of the Arab world.

Who should attend?

Courses are open to the general public aged 16 and over. Courses may be of particular interest to educators and any student interested in the Middle Eastern origins of modern art, math and science; the history and art of the Middle East; teachers of Arabic language; beginner and students of Arabic.

Courses Offered

Benefits of attending

  • Participants will engage with a diverse community of learners who will share their knowledge, background and experience to enrich the learning experience
  • Participants will study specific topics of their choice while developing transferable skills that extend beyond the scope of their field of interest 
  • Participants will receive feedback to further develop and refine their skills across different skill levels  
  • Participants will have the opportunity to build professional relationships with other learners who share similar interests and professional experiences 
  • Participants will engage in meaningful synchronous discussions, adding valuable resources to each other’s learning portfolios 
  • All curious-minded learners will develop a heightened appreciation for one of the world’s most culturally rich and geopolitically important regions, the Middle East

Our Teachers and Courses

Summer Institute teachers are experts in their fields with advanced degrees and years of experience in the region. The three-week courses are specially designed to be rigorous and engaging online learning experiences, building on King’s Academy’s national and international leadership in online education.

How it Works

  • Each online course lasts three weeks
  • Time period: July 17, 2022 to August 7, 2022
  • Option to take more than one course in the same time period
  • Synchronous gatherings to facilitate discussion and connect with the teacher (suitable for different time zones around the world)
  • Asynchronous materials for independent viewing and reading
  • Price per course is US $300/215 JD
  • Early bird discounts:
    - US $200/144 JD if you register before April 4, 2022
    - US $250/180 JD if you register before May 15, 2022