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Typical Day

A typical day at SEP includes approximately three hours of English language skills (reading, writing, comprehension, speaking and listening), and 40 minutes of training in information technology (computer skills), as well as planned activities and leisure time. Afternoon recreation activities include sports such as swimming, squash, handball, basketball, football, tennis, and arts and crafts. Every evening, students, teachers and counselors get together for some type of community fun including acting and movies. Students are encouraged to speak English throughout the day.


SEP students are housed for the duration of the program in single bedrooms within King’s Academy’s single-gender dormitories, where they are under 24-hour supervision by teachers and counselors, who reside in the dorms with them. With an on-staff physician and nurse, we have direct access to emergency medical services.


A number of experienced teachers and counselors from Jordan and abroad administer the program and reside in the dorms to provide the students with constant support and supervision.