Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)


Summer Enrichment Program: Bridging the Gap

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Summer Enrichment Program (SEP)

King’s Academy’s Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is a community outreach program that reinforces our commitment to education in Jordan. It ensures that high quality education is made available to Jordanians of all strata of society, and not just to those students attending the Academy.

King's Academy organizes this separate and special program during summer break in order to identify high achieving students from underprivileged areas in Jordan and help them to develop their skills in English and information technology.

Building on King's Academy's mission to attract top scholars and ensure diversity within its student body, SEP also serves as an early identification program for students from underprivileged areas in Jordan for possible admission into the Academy.

An annual two-week program that runs during the summer holidays each year, SEP is offered for students in the 7th grade. Provided they remain in good standing and continue to meet eligibility requirements, all participants can participate in this annual program for two summers.

SEP offers a unique combination of academic enrichment in the mornings and relaxed activities in the afternoons. These afternoon and weekend activities — intellectual, creative, and athletic — frequently lead to the discovery of new talents and interests, as well as to the development of positive attitudes, a stronger identity and a better sense of self-worth. 

The cost of SEP is fully covered by King’s Academy and students do not pay to participate.