Interstellar Summer Camp

Explore the Final Frontier with King’s Academy’s Interstellar Summer Camp!

Journey among the stars above King’s Academy during our new Summer at King’s Academy space program!

In this one-week boarding program, students aged 12 to 17 will have the opportunity to participate in  astronomical observations, to learn about our solar system and the broader universe, and to explore the beauty of the night sky through breathtaking stargazing activities from King’s on-campus astronomical observatory which boasts one of the most powerful telescopes in Jordan. There will be a special focus on introducing students to the tools of understanding, exploring and navigating the celestial sphere, including constellations, coordinates and motion. Students taking this program will be highly engaged through group activities, debates and brainstorming sessions to deepen their understanding of the origin of our universe, such as the Big Bang theory, its future, and much more.