English Foundations Program

For students seeking to improve their English language skills, we offer English as a Second Language instruction for levels from beginner to advanced. Classes are designed to provide practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are carefully tested upon the start of the course to ensure proper level placement and they are monitored throughout the program to ensure that they remain at the appropriate level of understanding and progression.

The program is structured around three skill areas: reading, writing and listening/speaking. Students will receive instruction and practice in such areas as verb forms and tenses, prepositions, comparative forms, conditional sentences and passive forms. The course plan includes discussion group work, oral presentations, daily journals and structured writing assignments.

English Foundations is designed for students who need full-time work on English reading, writing and speaking ability. Students spend five hours each day in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous classes. Students will be grouped in small classes according to their ability, and therefore receive significant individual attention from teachers.

My English has improved so much. We take everything from grammar to reading comprehension to vocabulary and we learn through fun activities such as bingo and hangman.

Odai Zoabi
Age 13, Palestine

New in 2023! All boarding students will be automatically enrolled in our new interstellar astronomy program.

This program offers a stellar opportunity for kids to explore their love (or discover a new passion) for outer space. They will participate in astronomical observations, learn about the Solar System and broader universe, and explore the beauty of the night sky through breathtaking stargazing activities from the Omar A. Aggad Observatory, our on-campus state-of-the-art observatory which houses one of the most powerful telescopes in the region.

There will be a special focus on introducing students to the tools of understanding, exploring and navigating the celestial sphere, including constellations, coordinates and motion. Students will be highly engaged through group activities, debates and brainstorming sessions to deepen their understanding of the origin and future of our universe, from the Big Bang theory and more.