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Arabic Summer at King's Academy

Arabic language instruction at King’s Academy ranks among the region’s best and most comprehensive. Arabic Summer at King’s Academy caters to different background levels and prior abilities in the Arabic language. Specific focus is directed at teaching functional Arabic and skills essential for reading, writing and holding conversations.

Students spend five hours each day in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous classes. Alternative time arrangements will be made for students in a different time zone.

There are separate classes for heritage and non-heritage speakers:

Arabic as a Second Language for heritage speakers: The aim of this course is to teach basic Arabic language skills (reading, writing, listening and conversation) through a variety of methods and interesting activities that enable students to implement what they have learned in their daily lives.

Arabic as a Second Language for non-heritage speakers: This course is designed to teach students both formal written Arabic and conversational spoken Arabic in an enjoyable atmosphere.

GCE and Arabic A-Level review: This course prepares students for continued studying of Arabic literature, translation and writing, and helps them achieve the confidence and success they are aiming for. The course aims to prepares students sitting for the Edexcel Exam in October/November 2022.

My Arabic has improved inside and outside the classroom, by practicing colloquial with my friends. It’s been a tremendous experience and dorm life here is excellent. Interacting with different cultures has been great. You essentially build a family.

Charles Shearon
Age 14, United States