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Summer at King's Academy

Established in 2013, the Summer at King’s Academy Program allows students aged six to 16 to attend educational and recreational programming at King’s. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the academic portion of Summer at King’s programming is modified for a virtual experience — making our Summer Program more accessible than ever before! The Sports and Recreation Camp will proceed on campus as usual.

All Summer at King’s programs are taught by King’s Academy faculty and reflect the school’s commitment to excellence and its reputation as one of the leading educational institutions in the Middle East. 

  • STEM Camp; June 27 to July 15: For the science-minded youngster, aged 11 to 15, an exciting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) camp features courses developed by some of the most prestigious and important leaders in the field, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), NASA, Columbia University, the New York Academy of Sciences and the Boston Museum of Science.
  • Arabic Summer at King's Academy; June 27 to July 15: In this intensive, three-week program, students, aged 12 to 16, of all levels will be taught by King’s Academy faculty and using our regionally-recognized methods of instruction.
  • English Foundations Program; June 27 to July 15: Students, aged 12 to 16, who wish to advance their English comprehension, speaking and writing skills will receive individualized attention during this three-week program.
  • Sports and Recreation; June 27 to July 15: For children aged six to 12, King’s offers many options for excellent training and competition or for just having fun playing and learning a new sport. The availability of this program depends on the epidemiological situation of the country and will be subject to governmental approval and regulations.
This is our sixth year coming to King’s. We keep coming back because we really enjoy the programs; you experience a lot of new things. I enjoy everything about the school, from the programs to the boarding program, to the friendships and the people you meet. It’s really just a fun experience and that’s how I like to spend my time in the summer.

Jude Bana
Jordanian coming from Saudi Arabia, i2 Camp