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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Summer at King’s Academy is offering an exciting new program: the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp! Here, students aged 11-15 will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship, fostering creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A highly successful program for Upper School students at King’s Academy, we are now making this amazing learning opportunity available to younger students too! Over the course of one week (five days), students will enjoy an interactive, engaging and hands-on program that provides them with a practical understanding of entrepreneurship and encourages them to think like innovators and future business leaders. The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp will provide students with a unique experience on how to launch new venture ideas and how to pitch in front of a panel of judges.

Topics: Design thinking, idea generation, pitching, market research, customer validation, Business Model Canvas, financial literacy, prototyping with 3D printing and laser cutting techniques

Through this bootcamp, students will develop the ability to generate creative and innovative business ideas via interactive workshops and brainstorming activities. They will gain an understanding of the importance of market research, learn to conduct surveys, analyze data, and validate their ideas with potential customers. They will create a comprehensive Business Model Canvas, understanding key components that make a business viable. Students will gain basic financial literacy skills, such as how to budget and plan for their business ideas. They will explore 3D printing and laser cutting techniques, enhancing their technical skills and understanding the prototyping process. Through team activities and collaborative projects, students will learn to work effectively in a team, value diverse perspectives, as well as develop effective communication skills, with a focus on pitching their business ideas (“Shark Tank”-style!) confidently.

The weeklong Entrepreneurship Bootcamp will be offered twice over the summer; session one (June 23-27) or session two (July 7-11). Students have the option of attending as day students (bus transport is available), or boarding at King’s Academy where they will take part in evening and weekend activities and trips.