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Round Square International Conference 2014

About King's Academy

King’s Academy is a private, not-for-profit, co-educational boarding and day high school (grades 9 to 12) that opened its doors in August 2007 in Madaba, Jordan. The school, which integrates the New England boarding school experience in the historical and intellectual context of the Middle East, follows an English-language, Advanced Placement curriculum. The dynamic curriculum includes an integrated co-curricular program of athletics, activities and community service, and students live in a nurturing residential environment that allows them to flourish personally and intellectually.  

King’s graduated its fourth group of seniors in June 2013. In 2013-2014, King’s students numbered 481 and hailed from Jordan and 31 other countries.


In a setting that is rich in history and tradition, King’s Academy is committed to providing a comprehensive college-preparatory education through a challenging curriculum in the arts and sciences; an integrated co-curricular program of athletics, activities and community service; and a nurturing residential environment. Our students will learn to be independent, creative and responsible thinkers within an ethical community that encourages young men and women of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to excel, to cherish one another and to prepare for leadership.

Location and Campus

Just 30 minutes away from Amman, nestled amongst olive groves and farmland, the 575-dunum (144 acre) King’s Academy campus is a perfect blend of modern innovation and the rich traditions of the region. 

Designed to reflect Levantine and Islamic cultural heritage, the campus includes state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and a 50,000-book library, a multi-faith spiritual center and courtyard, dormitories incorporating faculty family apartments, and a magnificent auditorium that serves not just the students but the community as a whole.

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King's and Round Square

Since becoming the first Arab school to gain full membership status in the global Round Square organization in 2010, King’s has held three annual regional conferences in which hundreds of delegates from schools across the globe have participated. In 2014, King’s is set to host the Round Square International Conference.

As a Round Square school, King’s Academy seeks to foster the six Round Square IDEALS among its student body. This is accomplished by mentoring a core group of student leaders who are given the opportunity to engage in problem-solving in their  communities. The hope is that these student leaders will mobilize their peers so that the Round Square IDEALS will become an integral part of the fabric of the King’s Academy community.

Safety and Security

King’s Academy is deeply committed to the safety and security of our students. The enclosed campus is patrolled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and security personnel are reachable at all times.

As the Academy continues to grow, so has the Security and Public Safety office (SPS), developing and expanding into a specialized department that handles security and safety for all community members, students, visitors and King’s Academy property. The campus has two points of access that are used for all traffic entering and leaving the campus. All vehicles and persons entering the campus are thoroughly inspected and the campus is equipped with 24-hour security surveillance cameras.

The campus is surrounded by a high and secure wall which remains invisible from the inside, ensuring that our students are safe and secure while maintaining a sense of unrestricted space within the campus walls. Likewise, all cameras on campus point outwards, serving to protect the King’s community, not monitor its activities.

In addition, students are under 24-hour supervision by the faculty, who live in their own apartments within the single-gender student dormitories and are available around the clock as supervisors, mentors and counselors. The SPS office continuously trains its staff with regard to safety and emergency procedures to ensure student, faculty and staff safety at all times.

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