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Round Square IDEALS at King's

See some ways in which King's Academy has been fostering the Round Square IDEALS at school:


King’s Academy actively fosters and encourages global understanding. This is reflected in the diverse student and faculty body, and through participation in international projects, conferences and events such as Model United Nations (MUN) and debate competitions, in addition to exchange trip opportunities which are offered throughout the year. In addition to sending students to different parts of Australia, Namibia, Colombia, the United States, Kenya, India, Japan, Peru, Singapore, South Africa and Tanzania, the school has hosted students from these countries.

The Academy has also participated in annual international conferences across the globe in countries including Canada, Singapore, India, Kenya, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and United States.


King’s Academy provides students with many opportunities to put democracy into action, such as practicing voting through the Student Leadership Council (SLC), Academic Honor and Disciplinary committees and debate through activities such as Model United Nations and Jordan Model Parliament (JMP), and advocating for environmental issues.


In its commitment to environment protection and sustainability, King’s Academy has launched numerous environmental initiatives with the ultimate goal of becoming a “green” school. Since joining the Eco-Schools, King’s has taken on a range of projects in the local community, which have grown to include regular street clean-ups, tree planting with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, raising climate change awareness through’s “Drops of Hope” initiative, a recycle bin launch in partnership with the Greater Amman Municipality and an awareness campaign for the coral ecosystems in Aqaba with the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS). King’s green activities around campus include hosting the Ecos and Greens Conference (EGC), establishing composting bins, replacing plastic water bottles in the Dining Hall with reusable ones, recycling paper, and reducing plastic consumption by reusing plastic bags in classroom bins.


The Round Square Office at King’s Academy provides community members with opportunities to discover another side of Jordan through a range of local hikes in which environmental trips are often integrated. Explorers experience cultural immersion upon visiting historic and archaeological sites such as the Dead Sea, Petra and Jerash, and witness the natural beauty of the kingdom’s green and desert valleys, including Wadi Rum, Wadi Mujib and Wadi Zarqa Ma’in in addition to opportunities to adventure abroad through hiking trips in the Himalayas and the Sultanate of Oman.


King’s Academy provides students with many opportunities to practice and hone their leadership skills through real-life experiences; students can serve on the Student Leadership Council (SLC), and as proctors or junior counselors, big brother-big sister mentors, and lead and coordinate school conferences such as MUN, JMP and Ecos and Greens.


Community service is a major focus of extracurricular life at King’s Academy, and the school has a robust service program based on various student initiatives which involve working with the immediate and wider community. From monthly orphan sponsorship, to working with refugees, the elderly, and patients with cerebral palsy, to building homes for underprivileged families around the kingdom, and fundraising drives, students participate in a wide range of service initiatives. Read more about how King’s serves its community here.