Kursi wa Kitab (Chair & Book)

Kursi wa Kitab

In 2012, King’s Academy launched Kursi wa Kitab (meaning ‘chair and book’), a Round Square pilot project aimed at raising awareness about the needs of children with cerebral palsy (CP) in Jordan.

Kursi wa KitabJordan currently has only one school for children with CP, and the number of challenges they face concerning physical therapy and education are many. Students at this particular school, which starts at the KG level, are required to transfer to a different institution once they complete grade 10 as it is then deemed the family’s responsibility towards the child’s welfare. Kursi wa Kitab students regularly meet with these families to learn about their struggle – due to physical status – with social integration in the community.

In accordance with King’s Guiding Principles, students took on the shared responsibility to help build a bridge between international CP programs and the people in Jordan. After much research and effort, King’s Academy joined forces with Hungary’s Peto Institute, which focuses on comprehensive physical therapy, to establish a conductive education program throughout the Kingdom.

Kursi wa KitabGoals

  • To conduct a pilot program (launched during the summer of 2014) that aims to facilitate conductive education for children with cerebral palsy

  • To make buildings in Amman accessible through the creation of wheelchair ramps


  • Distribution of wheelchairs to children with cerebral palsy
  • Social activities for families who have children with cerebral palsy
  • Conducting a conference in collaboration with the Peto Institute and Queen Rania Hospital. The conference – for educators, physicians and therapists – set a platform for conductive education in Jordan. 
  • Organized a concert for people suffering spinal cord injuries in cooperation with the Jordanian Association for Spinal Cord Injury, with the support of the Jordanian Armed Forces and Bike World
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July 26, 2017