Fikra 3al Mashi

Fikra 3al Mashi (meaning ‘ideas on the go’) is an award-winning community outreach program established in 2015 by three King’s Academy students: Rami Rustom ’16, Sari Samakie ’17 and William Close ’16. The aim of the program is to introduce students to critical thinking skills and to teach basic English, computer skills and internet research skills. The program targets refugee youth from Syria, Iraq and Palestine who are seeking refuge in Jordan’s urban areas, with limited access to formal education. Disadvantaged Jordanian youth in urban areas also participate.

Fikra 3al Mashi aims to help students develop skills to learn by themselves. The program is based on research by Sugatra Mitra that by creating self-organized learning environments, groups of children, no matter what their situation, with access to the internet, can learn almost anything by themselves. The program helps to empower and inspire youth to research problems within their communities and offer solutions to them.

In October 2016, the global Round Square organization awarded Rustom, Samakie and Close the prestigious Kurt Hahn award. Named after the founder of Round Square, the prize is awarded to students from one of the 162 Round Square schools worldwide “in recognition of an exceptional act of service to others.”

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July 26, 2017