Round Square and Community Service

Round Square“To whom much is given, from them much is expected” is an old New England adage that we at King’s Academy take to heart.

Membership in the King’s Academy community is a privilege, one which comes with the responsibility of sharing our opportunities with those outside our community, especially those in need. It is a chance to give back as well as to receive. We must recognize that service is not a one-way conduit, but rather the chance to form significant human bonds as we recognize our commonality and to enhance our collective wisdom and understanding. As a result, community service is a major focus of extracurricular life at King’s Academy. All students and faculty participate in various forms of service in the community, ranging from monthly orphan sponsorship to teaching English to children, to working with refugees, to fundraising drives  and working with nonprofit social service organizations on environmental, educational and social welfare issues. Through the inspiration of His Majesty King Abdullah II, it is the school's plan to include all students and faculty in King’s Academy volunteerism.

Ongoing Round Square and Community Service Program projects

Al Ma'mooniyeh School

Entity Green

Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME)

Habitat for Humanity

King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF)

Kursi wa Kitab (Chair & Book)

Reclaim Childhood

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February 7, 2016