Weekends on campus are more informal and relaxed than a regular weekday. The Dining Hall is open for brunch and dinner, and students have the opportunity to eat together in a casual environment. They may spend their weekends participating in and attending King’s athletic events or joining a school-organized field trip. They may watch a movie or take advantage of an organized shopping trip to Amman. Boarding students may also request permission to spend time with day students and their families away from campus provided they have the written approval of their parents and a confirmation from their host.

The goal of weekend activities is to allow students time to rest, relax and socialize in a supervised setting. Faculty members remain on duty and are available 24 hours a day, chaperoning the organized trips throughout Jordan and supervising students while on campus. Weekend activities  include day visits to historical sites such as Petra, Jerash and the Dead Sea, hiking in Wadi Mujib, Wadi Ma’in and at Mt. Nebo, rock climbing lessons, and trips to adventure parks. 

There are also trips to mall, local movie theaters and grocery stores. Bowling and paintball have also been big hits. Movies are shown on campus in the cozy Gallery and outdoors on big screens with popcorn and sweets often brought by faculty members. TV shows are sometimes played during brunch, and Wii and Xbox competitions are now a major attraction. Go-karting, Capture the Flag, football under the lights, open gym hours for fitness training and swimming in our pool are other popular weekend activities. Sometimes students enjoy eating out at one of the many diverse restaurants found in Amman. 

Faculty members regularly open their homes to students on weekends for cookie-baking, movies and music. Open mic nights provide an outlet for the budding talents of singers, dancers, comedians and musicians. On several weekends each year, day students are invited to spend a night on campus to participate in the planned activities called House Weekends, produced by the student proctors of each residential house. Students also often enjoy board games and conversations at Beit al Mudeer on lazy afternoons, complete with snacks.

Holidays are also another great way our students and faculty come together for fun gatherings. For example, on Halloween the school organizes a party with pumpkin carving at Beit al Mudeer, trick-or-treating, costume contests and bobbing for apples.