The Hess Family Dining Hall at King’s Academy is the heart of the school. It is a place where students and faculty come together daily to strengthen friendships, exchange ideas and build the community spirit that distinguishes the Academy.

Coming together for meals three times a day is about much more than eating. It is the sharing of conversation, the interaction among faculty and students, the attention to good manners and common courtesies, the interest we take in one another and the sense that we are all contributing to make the experience meaningful. Regular conversation and debate are encouraged by the Dining Hall’s round tables that seat eight students and a faculty or staff member together for family-style meals.

All students take turns waiting on tables. This helps them to develop a sense of camaraderie and service within their school. Table assignments rotate every three weeks, giving each and every student an opportunity to meet new peers and faculty members. Meal time also serves as an important “check-in” time, as it is face-to-face contact with an adult in the community.

Please note that all Dining Hall menus are subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients and the creative impulses of the chef!