Day Students

While day students travel back and forth between their homes and King's Academy daily, their lives as students at King's are not necessarily very different from those of their boarding peers. Although they are able to return home to their families each evening, as opposed to retiring to the school's dorms, and they get to enjoy the home cooking and the community connections that home life provides, day students are in many ways as fully integrated into the life of the school as boarders.

The academic day looks the same, as does co-curricular time. In fact, depending on plays, clubs or sports schedules, day students may not leave the school until after 20:00 some evenings. The remainder of their nights, likely spent studying and completing homework assignments, is not too unlike the evenings that boarders have.

When it comes to school activities such as day and weekend trips or school plays, day students are encouraged to participate as fully as possible. To this end the school keeps a regularly updated schedule of events listed on the school's internal portal, KANet. Parents are encouraged to review the site often as they plan their children's weeks. For certain events, such as school dances, King's will make arrangements for buses to transport students home afterwards. 

At the end of the day, regardless of a child's boarding status, King's students have every opportunity to deeply immerse themselves into the life of the school and to contribute to all those programs that make King's both unique and enjoyable.