Alumni Voices: An International Perspective

Alumni Voices: Early Wisdom

Boarding Experience

At King’s Academy, we feel that boarding school is an ideal way for teenage students to optimize both their academic learning and their social development. Maturity, confidence, lifelong friendships and an understanding of others are all the outgrowth of the boarding school experience. 

Our boarding students live in safe, comfortable, single-gender dorms with round-the-clock supervision by faculty members who live in their own apartments located in the various student “houses.” Single women faculty live in the girls’ dorms and usually male faculty or families live in the boys’ dorms. Girls are not permitted to enter the boys’ dorms and boys are not permitted to enter the girls’ dorms.

Students have constant and continuous access to faculty who – in addition to being teachers – are supervisors, coaches, mentors and counselors. Faculty members eat together with students in the Dining Hall and participate with them in athletic and cultural activities in the afternoons. Parents of students entrusted to the care of King’s Academy can rest assured that their children are living in a safe and healthy family environment.

Thank you very much for founding and supporting this remarkable institution. It is an extraordinary place. At a time when the world seems disproportionately and increasingly divided, this diverse, international community of interested, engaged, warm and accepting students and faculty feels especially precious.

Deborah Goldfrank, mother of Arabic Year student Josephine Wender '22

King’s Academy has nine houses that accommodate over 463 students in single bedrooms, including eight disabled student bedrooms. Each student room is furnished with a bed, desk, chair, nightstand, chest of drawers and closet. Rooms are deliberately small in order to allow students to focus their alone time on silent study, reflection and getting a full night’s sleep, and also to emphasize the larger, common areas as the center of community dorm life. Our small rooms also level the playing field – everyone is equal.

Each house includes a laundry room and common rooms where students can watch TV, catch up with one another or have a quick snack. Every floor also has a common bathroom and at least one faculty apartment. Faculty residents live on every floor to ensure 24-hour supervision of students. All common rooms and bedrooms are equipped with wireless internet connections.