Student Life

At King’s Academy, we feel that boarding school is an ideal way for teenage students to optimize both their academic learning and their social development. Maturity, confidence, lifelong friendships and an understanding of others are all the outgrowth of the boarding school experience.

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Student Life at a Glance


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While day students travel back and forth between their homes and King's Academy daily, their lives as students at King's are not necessarily very different from those of their boarding peers. Although they are able to return home to their families each evening, as opposed to retiring to the school's dorms, day students are in many ways as fully integrated into the life of the school as boarders.

Beyond the Classroom

Student Life
Exploring options beyond the classroom is key to an integrated life and King’s co-curricular program provides students with a wide range of opportunities that aim to help students' love of learning.

Residential Houses

The eight residential houses at King’s Academy are a central part of boarding life, with roughly 450 students, 55 faculty members and a handful of faculty cats and dogs residing in them.  


The King’s Academy athletic program strives to foster a competitive-collaborative environment in which students shine as individuals and also learn the value and joy of teamwork.

Student Leadership

King’s provides opportunities for students, in both formal and informal settings, to take positive actions on behalf of their community. In the classrooms, on the athletic fields, and in the residential houses, students work closely with faculty to develop a deep consideration for others and a sense of care for their communal spaces.

Why enroll at King's Academy?

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