i2 Camp Robotics I

Topic: Robotics & Electronics
Developed by: Nate Piper, The Roxbury Latin School

Using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology, in this course you will learn how to build different robots and program them to move. You will work with motors and sensors, and explore how light, touch, sound, ultrasonic, color and accelerometer sensors can enhance our robots. You will model real-life mechanisms and use creativity, logic and problem-solving skills. Invent your own robots, and find out how exciting it can be to bring the digital world of computers into our physical world.



“We used our imagination to build things like cars and then program them. You go in with these creative thoughts in your mind and then you use them all up. By the end, you’ve done something that you’ve always wanted to do but never did because you never knew how.”

Age 13, United Arab Emirates
Saif Rabadi

Last updated
January 8, 2017