AY Testimonials

Arabic Year Testimonials

Whitney Anderson

“I decided to stay because I got so attached when I came here. I loved the school, the faculty, boarding life. I’ve made some really good friends and I just love the environment.”

—Whitney Anderson '16, Columbus, Ohio



Carina Ellis“AY is a lot about growth because you see yourself at the beginning of the year not knowing any Arabic and you leave the year feeling proud, successful and comfortable with a strong foundation in the language.

Carina Ellis '16, Scituate, Massachusetts


Aviselle Diaz

“Arabic Year absolutely exceeded my expectations. I can read, write and understand – all this in just one year! It was really such a wonderful experience and I’m really grateful for that.”

Aviselle Diaz '15, Miami, Florida



Josh Claxton“AY provided me with an immersive and meaningful experience in Jordan. During my gap year I wanted to develop strong elementary proficiency in Arabic, meet people and discover culture; AY made all of that possible.”

Josh Claxton '14, Summit, New Jersey
   Middlebury College 


Renee Underhill“[My Arabic teacher is] absolutely fantastic, the best Arabic teacher I’ve had by far, super good at explaining hard concepts, but also ridiculously fun and sweet...I’m learning like a crazy person [and] I’m having a fantastic time in my classes; they’re probably my favorite thing about being here (other than the hummus and the falafel).”

Renee Underhill '13, Boulder, Colorado
   George Washington University 


Andrea Toomey“I rocked my Arabic placement test, and I was totally chatting it up with the Arabic teacher here (heya min al urdon!). But I didn't let myself go into that placement test without making sure I could fully conjugate the verb jaa’ (the one I used to struggle so much with)!”

—Andrea Toomey '13, Seattle, Washington
   Mount Holyoke College 


Alejandro Rojas“One of the topics that I enjoyed was the extensive grammar. I realized that it was going to present a challenge which I would have to embrace and overcome in order to better understand the language. Another [topic of interest] was calligraphy. With numerous lessons, the class was able to create a ‘presentable’ display of our favorite Arabic sayings on the classroom wall. What I ultimately wrote can be translated into 'the Arabic dream.'”

—Alejandro Rojas '13, Boston, Massachussetts
    Yale University 


Anais Amer“The environment is so different here. People want to know where you’re from, who you are and what you think. It changed the whole idea of school for me.”

Anaise Amer '18, Princeton, New Jersey





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February 19, 2018