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March 12, 2008

Renowned architect Ammar Khammash fascinates King’s Academy audience

King’s Academy, March 12, 2008—Renowned Jordanian Architect Ammar Khammash addressed the King’s Academy community in the Abdul...
March 8, 2008

Nine King’s Academy students travel to US with HM King Abdullah II

King’s Academy, March 8, 2008 – When His Majesty King Abdullah II traveled to the United States during the first week of March,...
February 28, 2008

Performing arts students get a unique perspective on movement

King’s Academy, February 28, 2008 – On the afternoon of Tuesday, February 26, some 20 King’s Academy 9 th and 10 th graders could...
February 19, 2008

Headmaster honors “MOP-free” students

King’s Academy, February 19, 2008 – Headmaster Eric Widmer honored those students who earned zero missed obligation points (MOPs...
February 18, 2008

In basketball matches against Écôle Française, King’s boys win while girls lose

King’s Academy, February 19, 2008 – The girls and boys basketball teams opened their seasons Monday, February 18 with match-ups...
February 16, 2008

In friendly soccer matches against Saudi school, King's boys win while girls lose

King’s Academy, February 16, 2008 – The King’s Academy athletic program hosted male and female soccer teams from Riyadh’s...
February 15, 2008

King’s Academy celebrates Valentine’s Day with square dancing

King’s Academy, February 15, 2008 – On the evening of February 14 in the Dining Hall, students attended a Valentine’s Day party...
February 6, 2008

King’s Academy hosts classical violin and piano performance

King’s Academy, February 6, 2008 – Pianist Agnes Bashir and Violinist Timor Ibrahimov performed a selection of classical music...
January 29, 2008

SEP 2nd annual winter session combines education with fun

King’s Academy, January 29, 2008 – This past weekend, King’s Academy welcomed 41 7 th and 8 th grade students to campus for the...
January 17, 2008

Khalayleh shines in King’s Academy theater production

King’s Academy, January 17, 2008 – The King’s Academy theater co-curricular program performed Christopher Durang’s The Actor’s...
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