School News

Jordan Model Parliament (JMP)
March 18, 2018

King’s hosts fourth annual Jordan Model Parliament (JMP) conference

King’s Academy hosted the fourth annual Jordan Model Parliament (JMP) conference from March 16 to 17, at which 460 students...
Deerfield Academy
March 15, 2018

King’s welcomes visiting Deerfield students and faculty

King’s Academy welcomed visiting students and faculty from Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts this week. During their stay in...
Anger Management Comedy Session
March 14, 2018

Improv students observe professionals in action

On Tuesday, King’s students of improv were immersed in a night of live comedy entertainment during a field trip to watch...
Middle School Syria Summit
March 14, 2018

Middle School debates Syria issues at Summit

Eighth graders in the humanities class have been learning about various countries in the region and some of their pressing issues...
Jordan River Foundation
March 12, 2018

Students participate in Jordan River Foundation Volunteer Day initiative

On March 10, King’s students participated in a new community service activity initiated by Talal Kolaghassi ’18 in cooperation...
Library Conference
March 12, 2018

King’s hosts 4th annual library conference

On March 10, King’s hosted its 4 th annual library conference “School libraries as spaces of creativity and innovation” at the HH...
National Robotics Competition
March 11, 2018

King’s participates in 13th National Robotics Competition

At the 13 th National Robotics Competition held at the Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education on March 11, King’s robotics...
Middle School Step-Up
March 11, 2018

Eighth Graders Step Up

On March 10, 45 eighth graders prepared to “step up” to Upper School, starting with a question and answer session for their...
Alice @ Wonderland
March 8, 2018

Middle School performance of Alice @ Wonderland inspires wonder

The Middle School presented its second annual school play Alice @ Wonderland on March 6 and 7 to a rapt audience in the Abdul...
International Toastmasters Club of Jordan and Inner Wheel Petra Club
March 6, 2018

King’s introduces community service initiatives to visitors

On March 5, 18 members of the International Toastmasters Club of Jordan and Inner Wheel Petra Club visited King’s to learn more...
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