New members inducted into Parent Council

November 10, 2016
Parent Council

King’s Academy, November 10, 2016 - Sixteen new parents were inducted as members in the Parent Council last week, during the council’s annual meeting, which was chaired by HRH Princess Ghida Talal, a parent of three children at King’s Academy.

During the meeting, the council, which numbers 76 in total, discussed ways of strengthening the King’s Academy parent community. One item on the agenda was the launch of the Parent Council’s membership pins. The members act as voluntary ambassadors to the school, and the pins – which are worn at school events - identify them to other parents, who are encouraged to approach members if they have any questions about the school or are interested in joining the council.

“The Parent Council plays a vital role as its members act as ambassadors for the school in the community,” said Princess Ghida.

Through the Parent Council, King’s Academy invites parents to become more active participants in their children’s education and in supporting the future of the school. As a young institution, King’s Academy depends on the time, effort and resources of parent volunteers – all of which have a substantial impact on the day-to-day life of students.

Parent Council“The council also brings the concerns of the parents to the leadership and management of the school. The Parent Council is effectively the voice of the parents and can serve as a vehicle of change for issues of interest and concern to both parents and students,” explained Princess Ghida. 

The Parent Council organizes a number of fundraising events each year, such as the Eid al Adha bake sale that took place in September to raise funds for the school’s financial aid program.

“It is important to us to clarify the school’s mission to other parents, which is to help secure this exceptional educational experience for students from many different economic and cultural backgrounds, who without our collective fundraising efforts would not be able to attend this school,” Parent Council member Amal Daghlas said.  

Parent CouncilDuring Fall Parents Weekend, the Parent Council organized its first annual parent-student-faculty football match, with over 50 people taking part, including international parents and alumni. Parents and students were pitted against faculty, but no one took score in keeping with the friendly spirit of the game. The match was followed by music and hotdogs, hamburgers and s’mores around the fire.

“Everyone who took part was really happy. They loved the activity and asked for more like it in the future,” said Daghlas. “Activities like this bring the wider King’s Academy community together.”

Another activity that parents are enjoying on campus is a 10-week art course conducted by Dean of the Faculty John Leistler. Around 20 parents attend the class every Monday – with the minimal fee going to support financial aid – and they practice being students again as they learn about art history and hold thematic discussions on art.

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