JMP trains students from around Jordan to become future parliamentarians

April 7, 2016
Jordan Model Parliament (JMP)

King’s Academy, April 7, 2016 — King’s Academy will host its second annual Jordan Model Parliament (JMP) conference for two days April 7 to 9 during which 300 students from King’s and schools across Jordan will discuss and propose solutions to some of the country’s most pressing issues, as well as those affecting the region as a whole.

“This is an opportunity for people from different social and economic backgrounds to come together to discuss important issues and come up with ideas for real solutions,” said JMP secretariat Amr Almghawish ’17.

Delegates will represent 20 private and public schools* from across the kingdom, including a special needs school. They will participate in 12 interactive forums, six of which are directly related to specific aspects of Jordanian society (Human Rights, Environment, Economics, Law, National Security and Foreign Policy, and Education) in addition to several Model United Nations conference staples (Arab League, Security Council, General Assembly and Crisis Committee) as well as World Bank and the Ministers Cabinet.

Each of the debates will take place in the Arabic fus-ha language and the topics will include freedom of the press, rights of refugees, current curricula used in schools, media censorship, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arab Spring, rights of women, the Syrian crisis, solar energy in Jordan, among others.

“In order to create a positive change, we need to start with the youth of a country because they are the ones who will go on to become its future leaders,” said Almghawish.

Under the theme “The youth of today, the leaders of tomorrow,” many of the forums will incorporate the innovative Harkness method of discussion that features a large oval table around which students take turns engaging in meaningful debates in a supportive environment.

JMP is a student-driven initiative. This year, guest speakers will include Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Mr. Imad Fakhoury and Jordanian senator Ms. Haifa Al Najjar.

*Participating schools: Msherfeh Secondary School for Boys, Al-Ramah Secondary School for Boys, Jalul Elementary School, Um Elwaleed Secondary School for Boys, Rosary Sisters School (Marj Alhamam and Jabal Amman), National Orthodox School, Um El-Amd Elementary School, Talibiyyeh Secondary School for Boys, Natl Secondary School for Boys, Al Qastal Secondary School for Girls, College De La Salle – Frères, Al Bayan School, Modern Systems School, Amman Baptist School, King Abdullah II School for Excellence, Khalda Secondary School for Girls, Ahliyyah School for Girls, Bishop's School for Boys and French School of Amman.

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