Students empowered as ‘agents of change’

March 9, 2016
Agents of Change

King’s Academy, March 9, 2016 — Some 200 students from schools across Jordan participated in the annual Green Conference held at King’s Academy last weekend under the theme “agents of change.”

The conference kicked off with a keynote address by Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan programs director Ehab Eid before the delegates, 22* of whom were from King’s Academy, broke off into barazza group discussions about the various environmental projects and initiatives currently taking place at their respective schools. The event culminated in a two-part proposition to ensure environmental sustainability: offsetting carbon dioxide emissions and minimizing littering.

According to Eco-Schools supervisor and Faculty Member Lara Masri, the conference encouraged students to take action by doing simple things first, such as picking up a piece of paper from ground and guiding their younger siblings on healthy habits to the environment.

“The root of behavior change and building better habits starts by taking this education home with us,” said Masri. “We all have the power to make a difference.”

*King’s Academy participants: Adham Abu-Abaileh ’16, Alexandra Ball ’17, Amr Almghawish ’17, Anwar Alhusban ’17, Balqees AlShorman ’18, Elyana Konsul ’18, Hana Hamdan ’19, Hiba AlJarrah ’19, HyeRin Shin ’17, Joud Gamouh ’19, Juman Al Hawwari ’17, Laith AlHadeed ’18, Laith Kassisieh ’18, Lujain Al-Smadi ’16, Nasser Kanoo ’17, Noor Twal ’17, Nour Karadsheh ’18, Rand Said ’19, Samir Ijeilat ’17, Selina Almasarwah ’19, Zaid Al-Rabadi ’16 and Zoya Kantarzis ’18

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