Composting takes off at King’s

February 10, 2016

King’s Academy, February 10, 2016 — The Green Club* at King’s Academy has taken on yet another initiative to secure the school’s prestigious “green status” in the community: composting. In the works since last fall, when five delegates** from King’s proposed the idea as a sustainable project during the final presentation segment of the Round Square International Conference in Singapore, the project has recently come into fruition. In collaboration with the Greens, students have begun collecting vegetable and fruit waste from the Dining Hall kitchen and faculty common room to make environmental sustainability a reality at King’s, and are hard at work to ensure the Green Flag remains firmly on campus grounds.

*The Green Club: Alexandra Ball ’17, Laith Kassisieh ’18, Analise Birchenough ’17 and Adham Abu-Abaileh ’16

**RSIC delegates: Amr Almghawish ’17, Anwar Al Husban ’17, Chan Woo Park ’17, Helena Hamdan ’17 and Katerina Saleh ’17

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July 12, 2016