King’s students embark on cultural exchange in Palestine

September 17, 2015
Week of World (WOW)

King’s Academy, September 17, 2015 — Over the summer holiday Ahmad Bilto ’17, Rita Asfour ’16, Marwan Alzweiri ’16 and Jawad Alweleidat ’15 headed to the Holy Land with Faculty Member Nahid Ajluni to participate in the sixth annual Week of World (WOW) project. Aimed at promoting social and cultural enrichment among youth from different parts of the world, the event – held under the auspices of Round Square and organized by the Milan-based A Gonfie Vele association – took place at Mar Elias Educational Institutions in the Galilee. Delegates from participating institutions in Brazil, Macedonia, Italy, Palestine and Israel engaged in intercultural dialogue and exchange during various meetings under the central theme “I Love Difference.”

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