Visual arts showcase displays student talent

May 13, 2015
visual Arts

King’s Academy, May 13, 2015 — Some 100 teachers, students and parents were in for a treat this past Tuesday when they came out to show their support at the school’s biggest visual arts exhibition to date.

Organized by the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, and set up across the Upper Promenade space outside the Gallery, the event showcased 240 artworks created over the course of the year by AP Studio Art students* working under the supervision of Faculty Members Ruba Haddad and Joanna Tutinji.

“These kids have worked very hard and I couldn’t be more proud,” Haddad said. “There’s so much behind every piece and this definitely elevates the level of visual arts in the school.”

Each of the nine students designed over 20 different pieces of art, ranging from acrylic to water color to mixed media, which were divided into three categories: breadth (a variety of ideas and different media), concentration (12 pieces exploring one theme) and quality (physical submission of five pieces for evaluation).

“This was the best class ever! It was so much fun and the environment was lovely. It felt like we were a small family,” said Rajwa Mecca ’16. “I didn’t realize I had so much patience, to sit and draw for hours. But I was determined to see the outcome and wanted to know how far I could go. It was so worth it in the end!”

Party music kept guests entertained while falafel, shawerma and ice cream satisfied their taste buds during the celebratory event.

“You see the work now and it looks great, but it’s really about what happened throughout the year to get here,” added Haddad. “This class has helped shaped these kids’ personalities and it taught them how to deal with obstacles we face in life, not just in the classroom. I hope they take this with them.”

*AP Studio Art students: Kamaldeen Adisa ’16, Natasha Abaza ’15, Ban Hamadeh ’15, Raghd Qamhiyeh ’16, Wendy Dudley ’15, Pengfei Hu ’16, Kristin Hankin ’16, Nour AlHuda Al Shishani ’16 and Rajwa Mecca ’16

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