Marine biology students protect what they love

April 20, 2015
Marine Biology

King’s Academy, April 20, 2015 — King’s Academy marine biology students had an eventful weekend of community service combined with fun in the sun when they traveled to the Gulf of Aqaba on Thursday for the annual Red Sea clean-up.

In partnership with the Jordan Royal Ecological Diving Society (JREDS) – a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Jordan’s marine ecosystem – and under the supervision of Faculty Member Lara Masri, the group spent three days collecting accumulated garbage along the shoreline, carrying out water quality tests and educating locals on the importance of environmental sustainability during a campaign held on the beach. Students also embarked on snorkeling and scuba diving adventures while learning about different marine species in the process.

Other visits during the weekend included a trip to the University of Jordan aquarium where students learned about the various challenges faced by an environmental organization and possible solutions for sustainability. In addition, they visited a new bird hide containing artificial lakes – produced by sewage treatment – for migrating birds.

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