Students attend lecture on tolerance in Islam

January 28, 2015
Dr. Mohammad Nouh Al Qudah

King’s Academy, January 28, 2015 — Former Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Dr. Mohammad Nouh Al Qudah spoke with students, faculty and staff yesterday about Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance that rejects extremism and terrorism.

“Teachers, educators and students have a historic responsibility to reveal the dangers of extremism and terrorism and to take steps to protect our youth and country from falling into this quagmire,” Al Qudah said during his lecture which was organized by the Department of Ethics, Philosophy and Religion (EPR) and which took place in the Lecture Hall.

Reminding his audience that Islamic values include tolerance and respectful treatment in all aspects of life of non-Muslims by Muslims, Al Qudah also referred to the prominent role played by His Majesty King Abdullah II in strengthening the principles of tolerance, coexistence, solidarity and compassion and in rejecting extremism and terrorism.

Al Qudah also pointed to the importance of meetings such as this one in inculcating a culture of belonging and patriotism among youth and in helping protect them from ideas that veer away from the true tolerant nature of Islam. “This is a responsibility that must be borne by universities, schools, institutes and academies throughout our beloved country,” he concluded.

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