Theater students produce and perform original screenplay

December 16, 2014

King’s Academy, December 16, 2014 – This year’s fall play offered more than an evening of entertainment and laughter; for the students involved, it was a cathartic experience. 

On December 10 and 11, community members, family and friends headed to the Abdul Majeed Shoman Auditorium to attend the fall production of Have You Heard of King’s Academy?, a sidesplitting comedy written and performed by King’s theater co-curricular students. 

This was more of a reflection piece for the students, based on their ideas, thoughts and experiences at King’s Academy,” said drama teacher James Morgan.

The play tells the story of Maya Abdul-qader, a freshman at King’s Academy who wants to pursue a career in the arts but her overbearing father (played by Talib Kateeb ’15) has plans for her to become a successful doctor, “just like her 18 brothers.

Throughout the play, which comprises hilarious skits à la Saturday Night Live with characters switching equally hilarious roles representing King’s faculty and students, the audience witnesses the growing frustration of the central protagonist in her struggle to take “as many APs and honors classes as possible” while denying her true passion for singing.

All is well in the end when Maya sings her heart out at a school open mic night, impressing her once dismissive parents, whoproudly cheer her on from the crowd, expressing a change of heart and acceptance of their daughter’s dream.

The message of the play inspires kids to hold onto their passions and also highlights the importance of the arts programwhich is “vital to the life and education of the community, and student growth,” according to Morgan.

Actors: Maya Abdul-qader ’17, Talib Kateeb ’15, Mohammad Abu Hawash ’15, Ahmad Freihat ’16, Noor Alasker ’16JoumanBarakat ’16Faisal Alalami ’16, Amin Janjua ’16RaihaneBenghalia ’16, Abigail Smith ’17Maral Masarweh ’17, Carl Wakileh ’18 and Hashim Khalayleh ’18

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