"Nightflight” exposes students to interconnections between different art forms

November 19, 2008

King’s Academy, November 19, 2008—“Nightflight,” the culminating experience of students involved in the performing arts co-curricular ArtscreaMmmm, premiered in the Gallery before a packed audience last night. 

Students Aseel Soub ’10, Swara Ahmed Salih’10, Mutasem Al Dimour ’12, Sally Bisharat ’11, Tala Haddad ’12, Lana Mehyar ’11, Razan Abdelhadi ’10 and Anna Kelsoe ’10 were featured in the interdisciplinary piece involving dance, animation, film, theater and music.

The performance, co-directed by Fine and Performing Arts Faculty Members Ruba Haddad, Reem Abu Rahmeh, Shireen Abukhader and Ryuji Yamaguchi, opened with an introductory animation video shown just outside the Gallery. Audience members were asked to close their eyes and were then ushered one by one into the dark Gallery. Once situated inside, Yamaguchi asked each person to rotate in the direction which he believed his or her home to be located, and according to this new orientation, to point due north. This exercise aimed to open the audience’s mind to “Nightflight’s” themes of identity, individuality and invisibility.

The show featured several dances, an improvisational interview with an audience member, shadow-play and singing, all of which was interspersed with talking, music and video streaming. The performance utilized the sprawling Gallery space in its entirety to encourage audience participation and offer a 360 degree experience.

The experimental nature of “Nightflight,” in which the performing and visual arts represented one indistinguishable identity, sought to expose students to various forms of art and to establish the interconnections between seemingly different art forms. 

Student performer Bisharat noted: “It was great to see that there are [a number of] students and faculty who are interested in what we do in ArtscreaMmmm, even though it is something new for them and for us.”

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