Boys varsity soccer team wins season's final tournament

November 14, 2008

King’s Academy, November 14, 2008--The boys varsity soccer team won the final tournament of the season which was hosted by King’s Academy today. The boys team competed against both the American Montessori School (AMS) and the Baptist School in the round robin tournament.

King’s, with a bye in the first round, observed the game between AMS and Baptist, in which Baptist emerged with a 4-1 victory. King’s played AMS next, and fell behind one goal at first, but scored two goals before half time. In the second game of the series against opponent AMS, King’s made a strong showing scoring two goals in the first half. Although AMS scored two goals after half time, the match ultimately ended in an AMS forfeit, granting King’s a 3-2 victory. 

In the final game of the tournament, Baptist and King’s went head to head for the championship. Abdelkarim Shaban ’11 scored the opening goal with a driving shot from a free kick just outside the penalty area. Later in the half, however, Baptist leveled the tally by scoring a goal. King’s emerged charged after the half time and scored four unanswered points to win the game 5-1, thus securing the tournament victory.

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