King's Academy volleyball teams compete valiantly against ABS...but lose

October 3, 2007

King's Academy, كينغز أكاديمي, school, student, Madaba, Jordan, volleyball, gameKing's Academy, October 3, 2007 – The King’s Academy volleyball program debuted Wednesday, when the boys’ and girls’ teams traveled to Amman Baccalaureate School for the year’s inaugural games. Both squads fought hard and put forth a solid showing, but they were ultimately overmatched by the seasoned ABS players. The King’s boys lost 2-1, while the girls lost 3-0.

The games—played simultaneously on side-by-side courts—delighted a raucous crowd that had piled into the ABS gymnasium. King’s brought a spectator bus filled with enthusiastic students, who represented the school by dressing in class attire. 

The boys’ game started first. Though King’s won the first point, ABS quickly took the lead and assumed control. For a period, ABS’s offensive attack seemed insurmountable. King’s did not give up, however. Led by the consistent serve of Faisal Badran and the intimidating net-play of Sinan Sammour, the boys came back and won the game 25-23.

Meanwhile, the girls were engaged in a similarly competitive first game. The serve changed hands frequently, and the score remained balanced in the early stages. Though the experience of the ABS team was a clear advantage, King’s did not back down. Led by Samiha Alfayez and Leen Hajjar, King’s maintained a foothold, but it eventually lost the first game 25-22. 

On the other court, the boys’ match remained intense. The second game was marked by long, high-quality rallies. Though King’s continued to construct points well, it came up short and took a 25-15 loss. 

The boys regrouped in the break and played their hearts out during the final stage. Though its level of play stayed on a par with ABS, King’s dropped the rubber game 25-20.

On the other side of the gym, the girls maintained a positive outlook after losing game one. The confident ABS team used advanced formations and played points craftily, but the undaunted King’s players kept pace. ABS, holding a slight edge, won game two 25-19. 

ABS won the third game 25-14. This victory brought about the 3-0 overall triumph. 

“Our teams did an excellent job, considering the very short period of time they had to practice,” said Athletics Program Coordinator Emad Oddtallah. “This is a very promising result for us.”

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