HM King Abdullah shares Iftar with students and faculty

September 24, 2007

King's Academy, كينغز أكاديمي, school, student, Jordan, iftar, King Abdullah IIKing’s Academy, September 24, 2007 – The King’s Academy community shared Iftar Monday with His Majesty King Abdullah II. Students, faculty members, and administrators filled the dining hall tables and feasted proudly alongside their honorable guest.

While the focus of the gathering rested on the special visitor, the meal retained its ceremonial quality. At 6:30, Headmaster Dr. Eric Widmer and his wife Dr. Meera Viswanathan greeted His Majesty on the terrace and followed him inside to the head table, where they sat with several other faculty members and a handful of students. Dr. Widmer spoke briefly, giving the official greeting and inviting everyone to take their seats. All tables listened to a broadcast of the muezzin’s call before breaking fast with dates and proceeding to the many other courses.

In addition to its religious importance, the school-wide gathering carried a unique significance. In founding King’s Academy, King Abdullah envisioned sit-down meals similar to the ones he experienced at Deerfield Academy. Monday’s Iftar followed that format so that the king could witness his plan coming to fruition.

In the dialogue-based spirit of the event, His Majesty engaged students at the head table in conversation about their experience so far. After finishing his meal, he and Dr. Widmer rounded the dining hall, visiting several tables and acknowledging all others.

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