First annual King's Academy Olympics kick off school year

August 25, 2007

King's Academy, كينغز أكاديمي, school, student, sports, Olympics, champion, teamKing’s Academy, August 25, 2007 – Students and faculty kicked off the 2007 school year in true international style with the first annual King's Academy Olympics, held on August 25 on the campus stadium. Although teams were named after cities in Jordan rather than nations, the squads maintained a global flair as they brought together young people from diverse backgrounds for a day of lighthearted competition. 

Students gathered with their groups at 9 am and marched from the lecture hall to the soccer stadium. As the parade made its way through campus, the eight teams belted out spirited chants and waved intricately designed banners. When the procession arrived at the pitch, the cries of "Petra," "Jerash" and "Madaba" gave way to a thunderous selection of popular music emanating from the loudspeakers. The competitors, guided by faculty members, filled the stands and prepared for the games to begin. 

In the spirit of teamwork and fun, a host of silly contests replaced traditional Olympic events. Instead of challenges such as the discus, the long jump and the pole vault, competitors faced the rigors of the balloon toss, the sack race, the cracker whistle and many others. For each category, the judges awarded gold, silver and bronze medals to the top three contestants; the team with the most medals at the end of the day would be declared champion. 

Students reveled in both the sports and the company of their families, who attended the afternoon session after enjoying a barbecue lunch with their children and with King’s Academy faculty and staff members. When the events concluded, everyone proceeded to the auditorium for the awards ceremony. Although only members of the winning team—Salt—accepted the trophy and celebrated victory, all students carried a cheerful air. Headmaster Eric Widmer and the Olympics organizers put a fitting cap on the day by presenting a gold medal to each and every competitor.

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