Summer Enrichment Program kicks off King’s Academy activities

October 1, 2006

King's Academy, كينغز أكاديمي, school, student, SEP, Summer Enrichment ProgramKing’s Academy, October 1, 2006  For two weeks this past July, King’s Academy hosted 51 students for the school’s first Summer Enrichment Program (SEP), an opportunity not only to break in the new campus, but also to create a foundation for the diversity of King’s Academy’s student body. 

The participants, sixth to eighth graders culled from across government schools throughout Jordan, spent their days at the Academy taking intensive courses in English and information technology. Throughout it all, the students demonstrated inexhaustible enthusiasm, dedication and curiosity, as well as a passion for learning that is at the heart of the school’s mission. 

While the students spent a big chunk of their time at SEP inside the classroom studying poetry, reading English literature and learning the ins and outs of computers, their days did not end there. All students participated in physical activities in the afternoon—Capture The Flag, football and swimming were particularly popular. 

Towards the middle of the program, many students even began to comment on how they felt healthier and had more energy. This extra energy was put to good use when students and chaperones ventured off campus to Jerash and Ajloun, and again when they took a group trip to Petra. These two excursions helped to solidify the bond created between the faculty, the summer Fellows from Deerfield Academy, and the students. 

The Fellows who spent the summer with SEP have committed to staying in touch with these young students over the next year, and recent phone calls to “check in” have only confirmed that the students found the program fun, engaging and educational, and that all are looking forward to participating in the program next summer. After the Fellows have had the winter to rest, they will be back on the field for another game of Capture the Flag.

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