Youth reverses the Climate Week at King’s

This week, King’s Academy students organized daily events for raising awareness about climate change risks and steps the King’s community can take to mitigate them. Organized by the Environment and Sustainability Club, the Youth Reverses the Climate Week was held in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike, which saw millions of student participants around the world take to the streets to demand action.

Faculty leader of the Environment and Sustainability Club Dana Al-Khundakji said the club decided to take a slightly different approach. “Instead of protesting, we’re looking at ‘what are the solutions?’”

Each day of the school week addressed a different theme: biomimicry, renewable energy, biodiversity, water and ecofriendly chemistry, and paper waste. Activities included how to make ecofriendly toiletries, a survey of waste generated on campus and presentations of recent student work towards sustainability.

Club member Wadei Tadros ’22 emphasized the importance of communal action in tackling climate change. “We need to work together as a community at King’s Academy,” he said. “Not just as a person from here and a person from there.”

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