The Greens are coming!

The King’s Academy Green Club* is on a mission to make environmental sustainability feel like second nature to the community.

By reaching out to each minor co-curricular club at the school, the Greens aim to raise environmental awareness through brainstorming sessions that draw on each group’s individual interests.

“We hope to find a common ground with each of these groups and show them that they too can do their part while maintaining the lifestyle they choose,” said Faculty Member and Eco-Schools supervisor Lara Masri.

The first of the sessions took place last Tuesday when the Greens teamed up with members of the Insanity Workout club for an eye-opening discussion on how cutting down on junk food ultimately reduces carbon dioxide emissions. A quick trash clean-up near campus capped the session.

“Fast food wrappers are very difficult to recycle, so by avoiding junk you’re actually helping the environment,” explained Masri. “The (Insanity Workout) kids also bring their own water bottles to school, so they have been helping out without realizing it. This is the kind of education we’re trying to provide.”

And as Jordan currently ranks as the world’s second water-poorest country according to the UN, it is imperative that everyone starts taking responsibility, Masri urged.

“We need to change the mentality of our kids,” she said. “We need to do something. We need to become agents of change.”

*Green club: Laith Kassisieh ’18, Alexandra Ball ’17, Adham Abu-Abaileh ’16 and Analise Birchenough ’17