Students interview experts on children’s rights

This week, Arabic Intermediate III students in the classes of faculty members Fatima Jodeh and Dina Mrad interviewed a number of Jordanian human rights and social development activists on issues related to children’s rights.

The activisits interviewed were Al-Ghad reporter Nadine Al Nimri, psychosocial support expert Reem Abu Kishk, Reclaim Childhood Jordan Program Director Rima Yacoub, and Director of the Juvenile Rehabilitation Center Raghda Al Azza.

For class, students had read Al Saby Al Aaraj — which centers around the story of a boy forced to beg by his abusive uncle — and then they interviewed the experts, thereby linking the curriculum to real life situations. Based on the interviews, students will also design group projects, in collaboration with the Round Square Office, to raise awareness about issues such as child abuse and bullying. 

In one video produced by the class (see photo), students cover their eyes with masks to represent society’s silence toward child abuse and other injustices.

  • Human rights