Students get creative in Computer Science Club

King’s students Hani Al Karrain ’22, Yousef Jazzazi ’22, Layann Wardah ’22 and Ahmad Aliahmad ’24 have been making the most of Club Time by creating and coding their own applications. Clubs are student-led initiatives that meet regularly throughout the year and through which students can pursue their interests and passions with like-minded peers. As members of the Computer Science Club, the students have been working on three exciting and creative projects.

Karrain has created and released his first game app, called Forg, on the Google Play Store. Forg allows users to collect berries and coins, and avoid apple bombs. Karrain used the Unity game engine to create the core of the game, photoshop for the art, FL-Studio for the sound effects, and Visual Studio as the IDE. He is now working on creating an online multiplayer game based on the simple “tag” game but within a fast-paced 3D environment.

For his project, Aliahmad created a highly accurate algorithm that predicts handwritten digits using a supervised deep neural network. The machine learning is accomplished by exposing AI (artificial intelligence) to millions of handwritten images and allowing it to guess the correct number, rewarding it when it is correct and reproving it when it is incorrect. Following those predictions, the AI algorithm will begin to notice patterns in the images provided and will learn to apply the knowledge it gained from this training to make nearly perfect predictions in the future. Aliahmad is currently working to improve his project's accuracy to over 97%.

Jazzazi and Wardah are using club time to work on a project that is part of their Computer Science class requirement. Using CSS3, HTML and JavaScript they created the first version of a 3D-based graphics website presenting a simulation of the school’s Academic Building which allows users to navigate between its various wings. For the next version of their website, they plan to include a model of the entire campus which aims to assist visitors find their way around campus.

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