Parents’ bake sale supports Student Activity Fund

The King’s Academy Parent Council held its annual Winter Holiday Bake Sale on Monday. In addition to providing a delicious array of sweet and savory goodies for the school community to enjoy, the bake sale raised funds for the school’s Student Activity Fund. This year’s bake sale was one of the most successful yet, raising 1,378 JD (US $1,944). 

The Student Activity Fund ensures that students on financial aid have access to the same opportunities available to other students, guaranteeing an equal educational experience for all King’s students. The fund covers, among other things, the cost of sitting for external examinations like the SAT, university application fees and various extra-curricular activities.

Bake Sale

The Parent Council’s events committee led the organization of the event, reaching out to all King’s parents for support in either providing food or helping out at the bake sale itself. This year, parents came out in force to help, with some 20 parents volunteering to help at the sale and countless parents sending in one of the largest hauls of food at a King’s bake sale to date. Particularly active this year were Middle School parents, who donated the most food.

A huge thank you goes out to all parents, Parent Council members and the school community at large for making the event a success. Click for more photos

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