New supernova sighted from King’s observatory

On the evening of May 20, King’s Academy invited members of the Jordan Astronomical Society (JAS) along with University of Jordan Faculty of Science students to the school’s Omar A. Aggad Observatory to observe a rare sight, the Supernova 2022hrs.

The Supernova 2022hrs is an explosion of a white dwarf star that took place in NGC4647 spiral galaxy in the constellation of Virgo and its neighboring M60 elliptical galaxy. According to King’s observatory director, Dr. Abdallah Abu Shihadeh, this supernova was of type 1a and happened at a distance of 57 million light years from Earth. The explosion was so powerful and bright that its light shone across the entire galaxy, which has a diameter of 90,000 light years.

The observatory at King’s Academy, which has one of the most powerful telescopes in the region, was the ideal place to observe this fascinating phenomenon, which was only recently discovered in April 2022 and believed to have only lasted for a few more days at that level of brightness. Images of the Supernova 2022hrs taken with the observatory telescope will be shared with the worldwide astronomy community.

Led by Abu Shihadeh, the observation group included co-leader of the school’s Astronomy Club Daria Kuzovkova '22 as well as JAS President Dr. Ammar Sakaji, Dr. Anas Sawalha, Dr. Laila Ghoneim, Adli Halabi, Reema Al-Akash, Ibrahim Al-Dajjah, Salem Al-Raba’, Abdullah Ramadan, Khalil Abu Najma, Tamara Abboud and Hamza Al-Raqad.