Middle School performance of Alice @ Wonderland inspires wonder

The Middle School presented its second annual school play Alice @ Wonderland on March 6 and 7 to a rapt audience in the Abdul Majeed Shoman Auditorium. With a cast of 27, a technical theater crew of 16, and a production team of six students, the Middle School really came together to put on a large and imaginative production.

The set lived up to the play’s name; inspiring wonder in the audience with its fantastic shapes and swirling psychedelic colors, bringing to mind an enchanted forest. The cast, directed by Middle School Dean Reem Abu Rahmeh, brought an old classic to life, giving the tale a new twist with modern day references. In keeping with the storyline, the cast’s lively performance bordered on madness, anchored by the efficient and excellent efforts of the technical and production crews. The performance, filled with music, dancing, singing and fantastic costumes, was a big hit! 

Jawaher Dabbas ’23, Faris Kassissieh ’23, Maya Asfour ’22, Haya Kolaghassi ’22, Maya Ahmad ’23, Jana Armouti ’23, Sama Alissa ’23, Mira Thiab ’23, Nour Jawhary ’23, Hala Haddadeen ’23, Zaina Amro ’22, Farah Abu Taleb ’23, Tara Abu Ghazaleh ’22, Kristina Kantarzis ’22, Zahra Al Sulaiman ’23, Alia Abed ’22, Josephine Koehring ’22, Maia Austin ’23, Sara Saleh ’23, Nermeen Al Omari ’23, Abdel Aziz Al Omari ’23, Elias Telegraph ’23, Judy Qubrosi ’22, Faris Hmaid ’23, Raina Maraqa ’22, Seif Al Ali ’22

Technical Theater Team:
Sarah Hassan ’23, Abdelhakeem AlLozi ’22, Seif Al Ali ’22, Yara Abu Samra ’23, Sereen Al Hamshari ’23, Raina Maraqa ’22, Cynthia AlSusi ’22, Sary Sururi ’22, Faisal Abu Jaber ’23, Mustafa Karbooli ’22, Basil Ayed ’23, Aws Abu Hassan ’22, Hani AlKarrain ’22, Janti Yamek ’22, Fares Haddad ’22, Yanal Hamadeh ’22

Production Team:
Sima Sunna ’23, Jessica AlSusi ’20, Kleobetra AlZoubi ’20, Nuo Lu ’18, Marita AlNimri ’21. Assistant Director: Jamila Kurani ’19