Middle School celebrates Step-Up Night virtually

Step-Up Night is a time for Grade 8 students, their families and teachers to celebrate "stepping up" from Middle School to Upper School. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held virtually, and the Middle School community came together to mark the occasion with an evening of poetry, song and music performed by students from their homes.  

The event began with a welcome by Head of School Peter Nilsson who noted: “We are exploring uncharted territory. As new as sending someone to the moon or to Mars, is creating a transition from Middle School to Upper School in which we are all in our homes and also all together at the same time.”

“How can we build something unique in this moment?” Nilsson asked. “How will you make this time and this opportunity new?” The head of school also formally welcomed new Dean of the Middle School Zina Nasser, who takes over from outgoing dean Reem Abu Rahmeh.

Addressing the 8th graders via video, Abu Rahmeh said: “These times call on you to make a difference and change the way things go. The truth is, your normal may look very different from what you imagined. But that is an opportunity for you to tread where no one else has ever gone and to take the initiative to create, design and to lead.”

“King’s Academy leaders are always kind,” Abu Rahmeh added. “Continue to cherish one another. These are not just words; it is our mission. Use your voice to stand up for issues that you care about, to empathize with others and to advocate for truth and justice. You are one community and one family. Remember this every day.”

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