Lost in Translation class presents final project

King’s Academy students taking the dual-language Lost in Translation literature course presented their end-of-semester projects to their classmates and teachers in the Gallery this week. During the presentation, students took turns displaying ceramic sculptures they created in the art studio that symbolize their ‘perfect person’ after reading books in both Arabic and English based on the Greek myth Pygmalion. In the myth, Pygmalion falls in love with one of his sculptures which then comes to life. The students wrote creative and emotive pieces of literature or poetry in either Arabic or English to explain the symbolism of their own sculpture and the attributes they believe make up their ‘perfect person’ to the class.

Introduced to the King’s curriculum in 2019, Lost in Translation provides a bilingual learning environment in which the Arabic and English languages are given equal status and instructional attention. The course was developed by faculty members in the Department of Communication, Rhetoric and the Literary Arts (CRLA) Rola Jaber and Mu’nis Mhiedat and is designed to simultaneously develop fluency and content knowledge in both languages.

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