Lost in Translation

Students taking the Lost in Translation course presented their final Capstone project this week. The project, a collaborative class effort produced in written and video form, portrays the love story between a Western man and Arab woman told through the exchange of letters, written in each of their own languages. The project creatively incorporates the themes discussed in class throughout the year, such as love, coming-of-age, politics, family, culture, traditions and mythology.

Introduced to the King’s curriculum this year, Lost in Translation provides a bilingual learning environment in which the Arabic and English languages are given equal status and instructional attention. The course was developed by faculty members in the Department of Communication, Rhetoric and the Literary Arts (CRLA) Rola Jaber and Mu’nis Mhiedat and is designed to simultaneously develop fluency and content knowledge in both languages.

“The first cohort of Lost in Translation students have produced a very creative and beautiful way to mix both languages and incorporate the themes we discussed throughout the year,” says Jaber. “The letters, written by the students, take you on a beautiful journey. I don't think I have seen a student project that uses both languages in such an eloquent way.”

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