King’s marks 100 days of school

King’s Academy marked the 100th day of school on Monday, with various activities taking place around campus to celebrate the occasion.

Addressing the student body during a special School Meeting, Head of School Peter Nilsson also took the opportunity to reflect on the significance of the occasion.

“So, at 100 days, we can take this arbitrary but excellent opportunity to look back and look forward, to reflect on the past and project into the future, to think about how you’ve changed and how you hope to keep changing. And through that, to then live more intentionally and more fully, not in the past or in the future, but in the present moment,” said Nilsson, before asking students to consider how they have spent that time and what their goals are.

Acknowledging, however, that the busy schedule often leads students and staff to feel fatigued at this point in the school year, Nilsson announced changes to next year’s weekly schedule that will enable more opportunities for sustained attention, fewer interruptions throughout the day, and more opportunities for reflection. To that end, schedules will feature fewer classes per day, longer periods for each class, more sustained periods of deeper learning, and longer periods of self-directed time.

Before releasing the Class of 2020 to pick up their long-awaited senior letterman jackets, Nilsson challenged students in all grades to demonstrate their class unity and pride with a spirited stomp, clap and chant exercise that ended the meeting on a high note. Watch the video here.

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